Pmpl S2 Point System


As the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 2 approaches, it is essential to understand the point system that will be used in the tournament. The point system plays a vital role in determining the team’s ranking and progression throughout the tournament. In this article, we will delve into the details of the PMPL S2 point system, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how the teams will earn points and the implications it has on their overall performance.

Scoring System

The PMPL S2 point system follows a standardized scoring system that rewards teams for their performance in each match. The scoring system is based on different factors, including kills, placements, and overall survival time. Let’s break down how teams can accumulate points in PMPL S2:


Each kill a team secures during a match will earn them a certain number of points. The exact number of points awarded per kill may vary, but typically, it ranges between 3 to 5 points. This means that teams that consistently secure kills will have a higher chance of climbing up the leaderboard, even if they do not secure a high placement in the match.


Teams will also earn points based on their placements in each match. The higher a team finishes, the more points they will receive. The exact point distribution for placements may vary, but it usually follows a pattern where the top-ranking teams receive more points. For example, the team that finishes first may earn 10 points, while the team that finishes second may earn 8 points, and so on.

Survival Time

In addition to kills and placements, teams will also earn points based on their overall survival time in each match. The longer a team survives, the more points they will accumulate. This encourages teams to adopt a strategic and cautious approach, as staying alive for a longer duration can significantly impact their overall point tally.


The PMPL S2 point system has several implications for the participating teams. Firstly, it emphasizes the importance of securing kills. Teams that can consistently eliminate opponents will not only earn points but also disrupt their opponents’ chances of scoring high. This adds an exciting element of aggression and strategizing to the tournament.

Secondly, the point system rewards consistency. Teams that can consistently secure high placements and survive longer will have a higher chance of accumulating points and maintaining a favorable position on the leaderboard. This means that a single bad match does not necessarily eliminate a team’s chances of success, as they can bounce back in subsequent matches.

Lastly, the point system ensures that teams focus on both kills and placements. Teams cannot solely rely on securing kills or placements alone to secure a high rank. A balanced approach that combines both aspects is crucial for success in PMPL S2.


The PMPL S2 point system is designed to promote competitive gameplay and reward teams for their performance. By incorporating kills, placements, and survival time, the system provides a comprehensive evaluation of a team’s skills and abilities. As PMPL Season 2 unfolds, teams will need to strategize and adapt their gameplay to maximize their point accumulation and secure a top rank in the tournament.

Stay tuned for the PUBG Mobile Pro League Season 2 and witness the intense battles as teams compete for glory and a chance to represent their region on the global stage!