Lightning Sorc Without Infinity


Playing a lightning sorceress in Diablo 2 can be an electrifying experience. The ability to zap enemies with bolts of lightning and watch them crackle and sizzle is incredibly satisfying. One of the most popular ways to enhance the power of a lightning sorc is by using the Infinity runeword in a mercenary’s weapon. However, in this article, we will explore an alternative approach – a lightning sorc build that does not rely on the Infinity runeword.

The Traditional Approach

Before we delve into the lightning sorc without Infinity, let’s briefly touch upon the traditional approach. Infinity is a powerful runeword that grants the Conviction aura to your mercenary, reducing enemy resistances and increasing your lightning damage. This significant boost in damage output makes it a popular choice among lightning sorceresses.

Challenges of Obtaining Infinity

However, acquiring the runes necessary to create Infinity can be a daunting task. The required runes – Ber, Mal, Ber, Ist – are all high-level and extremely rare. Farming for these runes can be time-consuming, and the cost of trading for them can be quite high. Additionally, the Infinity runeword can only be created in a polearm-type weapon, limiting your mercenary options.

A Different Path

Fortunately, there is an alternative build that allows you to enjoy the power of a lightning sorc without relying on Infinity. By focusing on synergies and other gear choices, you can still deal significant lightning damage and clear content efficiently.

Skills & Synergies

When building a lightning sorceress without Infinity, it is crucial to prioritize specific skills and their synergies. Maxing out Lightning, Chain Lightning, and Lightning Mastery should be your primary focus. These skills will maximize your lightning damage potential.

In addition to these core lightning skills, investing in Telekinesis can be beneficial. Telekinesis increases the speed at which you can cast your spells, allowing you to unleash devastating lightning bolts more rapidly.

Furthermore, allocating points into Energy Shield and its synergies can help improve your sorceress’s survivability. Energy Shield converts a portion of incoming damage into mana, effectively acting as a secondary health pool. This can be a lifesaver in tough battles.

Gear Choices

Without the Infinity runeword’s Conviction aura, you will need to seek other gear options to reduce enemy resistances. Look for items that provide -% enemy lightning resistance, such as Griffon’s Eye or Thundergod’s Vigor. These items can help offset the lack of Conviction and ensure your lightning spells hit harder.

For your weapon choice, consider using an elite orb with +skills, faster cast rate, and lightning damage bonuses. This will further enhance your lightning sorc’s damage output.

Mercenary Gear

Since you won’t have the benefit of the Conviction aura from Infinity, it is important to equip your mercenary with gear that can compensate for this loss. Look for items that provide Crushing Blow, Deadly Strike, or Open Wounds. These modifiers can increase your mercenary’s damage and help you take down tough enemies.


Playing a lightning sorc without Infinity requires a slightly different playstyle compared to the traditional build. Instead of relying solely on your mercenary’s Conviction aura, you will need to be more strategic with your skill usage.

Start by casting Telekinesis to increase your casting speed. Then, unleash a barrage of lightning spells, prioritizing your synergized skills. Use Static Field to quickly whittle down enemy health and finish them off with Chain Lightning or Lightning spells.

Remember to keep an eye on your mana pool and utilize Energy Shield to mitigate damage. Strategic positioning and kiting can also be effective in staying alive during intense battles.


While the Infinity runeword is a powerful asset for lightning sorceresses, it is not the only path to success. By focusing on skill synergies, gear choices, and a strategic playstyle, you can create a formidable lightning sorc without relying on Infinity. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the thrill of electrifying your enemies with lightning bolts!