How To Get Water Boatman Fin In Grounded

Understanding the Water Boatman

The Water Boatman is a small insect that can be found in the waters of the backyard in Grounded. It is known for its unique ability to walk on water, thanks to the tiny hairs on its legs that create surface tension. The Water Boatman is also sought after by players in the game for its valuable resource – the Water Boatman Fin.

Why You Need Water Boatman Fins

Water Boatman Fins are an essential crafting material in Grounded. They can be used to create various items and tools that will greatly aid your survival, such as the Diving Lantern and the Flippers. These items will allow you to explore underwater areas and move faster in the water, making it easier to navigate and gather resources.

Finding Water Boatman

Water Boatman can be found in bodies of water throughout the backyard. Look for small ponds, puddles, or even the birdbath. They are usually found near the surface, gliding effortlessly across the water. Spotting them can be a bit challenging due to their small size, so keep a keen eye out for their movement and ripples on the water’s surface.

1. Craft a Pond Skater Saddle

To catch the Water Boatman, you will need to craft a Pond Skater Saddle. This saddle can be crafted using resources like Woven Fiber, Spider Silk, and Water Boatman Fins. Once you have crafted the Pond Skater Saddle, equip it to your character to gain the ability to walk on water, just like the Water Boatman.

2. Sneak Up on the Water Boatman

Approach the Water Boatman slowly, making sure not to disturb the water too much. The Water Boatman is sensitive to vibrations, so any sudden movements or disturbances may cause it to flee. Use stealth and patience to get close enough to catch it.

3. Equip the Insect Hammer

Once you are close enough to the Water Boatman, equip the Insect Hammer. This tool allows you to stun and catch small insects like the Water Boatman without causing them harm. It is a vital tool in capturing the Water Boatman effectively.

4. Time Your Swing

Timing is crucial when trying to catch the Water Boatman. Wait for the right moment when the Water Boatman is near the edge of the water or stationary. Swing your Insect Hammer at the precise moment to stun the Water Boatman and catch it before it recovers.

Harvesting Water Boatman Fins

Once you have successfully caught the Water Boatman, it’s time to harvest its valuable resource – the Water Boatman Fin. Use your Insect Hammer to extract the Water Boatman Fin from the caught insect. Be careful not to damage the fin during the extraction process, as it might reduce its usefulness.

Utilizing Water Boatman Fins

Now that you have obtained Water Boatman Fins, you can use them to craft various items and tools that will improve your exploration and survival capabilities. Some of the essential recipes that require Water Boatman Fins include:

1. Diving Lantern

The Diving Lantern is a handy tool that emits light underwater, allowing you to explore submerged areas more effectively. Combine the Water Boatman Fin with other resources like Grub Hide and Gnat Fuzz to craft this useful item.

2. Flippers

Flippers are equipment that enhance your swimming speed, making it easier to traverse larger bodies of water. Combine Water Boatman Fins with resources like Spider Silk and Berry Leather to create the Flippers.

3. Aquatic Base

Water Boatman Fins are also an essential component in crafting the Aquatic Base, a structure that allows you to create a base underwater. Combine Water Boatman Fins with resources like Clay and Weed Stems to build this unique base.


The Water Boatman Fin is a valuable resource in Grounded that can greatly improve your exploration and survival capabilities. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to successfully catch Water Boatman and harvest their fins. Utilize these fins wisely to craft essential items like the Diving Lantern, Flippers, and Aquatic Base, and enhance your overall gameplay experience in Grounded.