How To Get Rid Of Sunscreen In The Pool

Protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun is crucial, but what happens when that sunscreen ends up in the pool water? Removing sunscreen residue from the pool can be a challenge. In this article, we will explore effective methods to get rid of sunscreen in the pool, so you can enjoy swimming without worrying about the consequences.

1. Skim the Surface: Start by skimming the pool’s surface to remove any visible sunscreen residue. Use a pool skimmer or net to collect the oily film that floats on the water. This step will help prevent the sunscreen from spreading further into the pool.

2. Use a Pool Clarifier: A pool clarifier is a chemical solution that helps to coagulate small particles in the water, making them easier to remove. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to add the appropriate amount of clarifier to your pool. Allow the clarifier to work for the recommended time before proceeding to the next step.

3. Shock the Pool: Shocking the pool is an effective way to sanitize the water and remove contaminants like sunscreen. Choose a pool shock product specifically designed for your pool type and follow the instructions on the label. Make sure to maintain proper water chemistry throughout the process.

4. Scrub the Walls and Floor: Use a pool brush or scrubber to clean the walls and floor of the pool. Focus on areas where sunscreen residue may have settled, such as the waterline and corners. Scrubbing will help loosen and remove any remaining sunscreen particles.

5. Run the Pool Filter: Turn on the pool filter and let it run for several hours to circulate and filter the water. The filter will catch and remove the sunscreen residue and other impurities. Check the filter regularly and clean or backwash it as needed.

6. Use a Pool Enzyme: Pool enzymes are designed to break down oils and other organic contaminants in the water. Add a pool enzyme product to your pool according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help eliminate any remaining sunscreen residue.

7. Test the Water: After following the above steps, test the water to ensure that the sunscreen residue has been effectively removed. Use a pool testing kit to check the water’s pH, chlorine levels, and overall water quality. Adjust the chemicals as necessary to maintain a balanced and healthy pool environment.

8. Rinse Off Before Swimming: Encourage pool users to rinse off before entering the pool. This will help minimize the introduction of sunscreen and other contaminants into the water. Provide an outdoor shower or hose near the pool area for easy rinsing.

9. Educate Pool Users: Raise awareness among pool users about the importance of applying sunscreen at least 30 minutes before swimming. This will allow the sunscreen to absorb into the skin properly and minimize the amount that ends up in the pool.

10. Consider Alternative Sunscreen Options: Some sunscreens are specifically formulated to be water-resistant or reef-safe. These options can reduce the amount of sunscreen that washes off in the pool water. Encourage pool users to choose sunscreens that are less likely to cause buildup in the pool.

11. Regularly Clean Pool Equipment: Clean pool equipment, such as skimmers, filters, and brushes, regularly to prevent the accumulation of sunscreen residue. This will help maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the pool system.

12. Schedule Professional Pool Cleaning: If you’re struggling to remove sunscreen residue from your pool or want to ensure a thorough cleaning, consider hiring professional pool cleaners. They have the expertise and equipment to deep clean your pool and remove any stubborn residue.

13. Encourage Showering After Swimming: Promote the habit of showering after swimming to wash away any remaining sunscreen residue or pool chemicals from the skin. This will help keep the pool water cleaner and reduce the need for extensive cleaning.

14. Monitor Water Quality: Regularly monitor the water quality of your pool to detect any potential issues early on. Test the pH, chlorine levels, and other chemical balances regularly and take appropriate measures to maintain a healthy pool environment.

15. Set Clear Rules and Guidelines: Establish clear rules and guidelines for pool usage, including sunscreen application and rinsing off before swimming. Educate pool users about the importance of following these rules to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the pool.


By following these steps and implementing preventive measures, you can effectively remove sunscreen residue from your pool. Remember to regularly clean and maintain your pool to prevent buildup and ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for everyone.