Genshin Impact Artifact Substats Max

Genshin Impact Artifact Substats Max

What are Substats in Genshin Impact Artifacts?

In Genshin Impact, artifacts play a crucial role in enhancing your characters’ abilities and overall power. Each artifact comes with its own set of main stats, such as ATK, HP, DEF, or Elemental Mastery. However, artifacts also have substats that can further boost your character’s performance in battle.

Understanding Artifact Substats

Artifact substats are secondary attributes that come alongside the main stats. These substats can provide additional benefits to your character, such as increased crit rate, energy recharge, elemental damage bonus, or even HP recovery. The number of substats an artifact can have depends on its rarity.

Substats based on Artifact Rarity

1-star artifacts have no substats, while 2-star artifacts possess only one substat. As you progress to higher rarity artifacts, the number of substats increases. 3-star artifacts have two substats, 4-star artifacts have three substats, and 5-star artifacts have four substats.

Maximizing Substats on Artifacts

When it comes to optimizing your artifacts, achieving the maximum potential of substats is crucial. This means you’ll want to focus on obtaining artifacts with desirable substats and upgrading them to enhance those substats further.

Identifying Desirable Substats

Desirable substats vary depending on the role and playstyle of your character. For DPS characters, crit rate, crit damage, and ATK% are highly sought-after substats. Support characters may benefit more from energy recharge, elemental mastery, or healing bonus substats. It’s essential to consider your character’s strengths and weaknesses when choosing which substats to prioritize.

Upgrading Substats

As you level up your artifacts, you have the chance to upgrade their substats. However, upgrading substats can be a bit of a gamble. Each upgrade attempt has a chance to increase the value of a substat or change it entirely. It’s important to note that substats can only be upgraded up to a certain maximum value.

Unlocking the Fourth Substat

For 5-star artifacts, there is an additional step in maximizing substats. Once you reach +4 on an artifact, you have the chance to unlock the fourth substat. This can greatly increase the overall power of the artifact and provide even more benefits to your character.

Optimizing Artifact Sets

In addition to individual artifact optimization, it’s crucial to consider the artifact set bonuses. Each artifact belongs to a specific set, and equipping multiple pieces from the same set grants additional bonuses. These set bonuses can greatly enhance your character’s performance. It’s recommended to focus on obtaining and upgrading artifacts from the same set to fully utilize these bonuses.


Mastering the substats of your artifacts is a vital aspect of Genshin Impact. By understanding the substats system, identifying desirable substats, and maximizing their potential through upgrades, you can significantly improve your characters’ power and effectiveness in battle. Remember to also consider the artifact set bonuses and create synergistic combinations to further optimize your team. Good luck!