Epic 7 Arena Teams: Dominating The Battlefields In 2023

In the vast and enchanting world of Epic 7, the arena is where heroes rise to the challenge and test their mettle against formidable foes. As the year 2023 unfolds, new strategies and team compositions have emerged, reshaping the competitive landscape. Today, we delve into the depths of the arena to unveil some of the most epic arena teams that have been dominating the battlefields.

The Speedsters: Swift and Deadly

Speed has always been a crucial factor in the arena, allowing heroes to strike first and gain a significant advantage. One popular team composition revolves around fast and agile heroes such as Basar, A.Cidd, and Roozid. With their incredible speed buffs and debilitating debuffs, this team can dismantle opponents before they even have a chance to react.

Basar, with his AoE dispel and CR pushback, sets the stage for his teammates to shine. A.Cidd, armed with his devastating single-target damage, can swiftly eliminate high-priority threats. Roozid, the speedster of the team, provides a constant stream of combat readiness boosts, ensuring that your team always stays a step ahead.

The Control Masters: Bending the Battle to Their Will

Control teams have always been a force to be reckoned with in the arena. They excel at manipulating the flow of battle, denying enemy turns, and frustrating opponents. One potent control team comprises of Tenebria, Lilias, and Tywin.

Tenebria, the mistress of nightmares, blankets the battlefield with her AoE debuffs, inflicting sleep, decrease hit chance, and defense break on multiple enemies. Lilias, the Knight of the Crimson Moon, brings her AoE provoke and cleanse, redirecting enemy attacks and protecting her allies. Tywin, the righteous knight, provides additional control with his AoE defense break and CR pushback, paving the way for devastating follow-up attacks.

The Bruisers: Unyielding Powerhouses

Some battles call for sheer brute force, where resilience and unyielding power are key. Bruiser teams are known for their tenacity and the ability to sustain prolonged battles. One formidable bruiser team consists of Krau, Ravi, and Angelica.

Krau, the indomitable knight, acts as the team’s anchor, absorbing damage and protecting his allies with his formidable barrier. Ravi, the relentless warrior, deals devastating damage while constantly healing herself, making her a formidable threat. Angelica, the unyielding soul, provides crucial healing and immunity buffs, ensuring the team’s survival even in the face of the most relentless onslaughts.

The Bomb Squad: Blasting Away the Competition

Explosive damage and surprise tactics can catch opponents off guard, allowing for swift victories. The bomb squad team composition revolves around heroes with explosive damage and the ability to neutralize threats swiftly. This team typically consists of Cermia, Tamarinne, and Tywin.

Cermia, the explosive ranger, delivers devastating single-target damage with her concentrated attacks, obliterating high-priority targets. Tamarinne, the enchanting songstress, provides healing, CR boosts, and combat readiness manipulation, allowing for relentless assaults. Tywin, with his defense break and CR pushback, sets the stage for Cermia’s explosive finish.

The Archangels: Divine Intervention

In the realm of Epic 7, the celestial powers of the Archangels can turn the tides of battle. This team composition revolves around the celestial beings, offering unparalleled support and healing. The Archangel team consists of Angelica, Luluca, and Judge Kise.

Angelica, the angel of light, provides crucial healing and immunity buffs, ensuring the team’s survival. Luluca, the water-runed savior, offers AoE damage and defense break, weakening enemies for swift elimination. Judge Kise, the celestial arbiter, delivers devastating damage while granting her team stealth, enabling surprise attacks and maintaining control of the battlefield.

The Rising Stars: Unconventional Strategies

Epic 7 is a game that constantly evolves, and new strategies continue to emerge. The rising stars team composition embraces unconventional heroes and strategies, catching opponents off guard. One such team consists of Tenebria, Dizzy, and Carrot.

Tenebria, the mistress of nightmares, inflicts chaos on the battlefield with her AoE debuffs, wreaking havoc on enemy plans. Dizzy, the enigmatic jester, brings additional crowd control and debuffs, leaving enemies in disarray. Carrot, the fiery mage, delivers potent AoE damage, taking advantage of the confusion created by her teammates.

The Spectacular Showdowns Continue

As the year 2023 unfolds, the arena in Epic 7 continues to witness spectacular showdowns between these epic arena teams. Whether you prefer the speedsters, control masters, bruisers, bomb squads, archangels, rising stars, or any other unique team composition, the arena offers endless possibilities and challenges.

Remember, the key to victory lies not only in the heroes you choose but also in their synergy and your strategic prowess. So step into the arena, experiment with different team compositions, and may your journey in Epic 7 be filled with epic victories and unforgettable battles!