Codm Season 12 Leaks: What To Expect In 2023


As the year 2023 begins, Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) players are eagerly awaiting the release of Season 12. With each new season comes exciting updates, gameplay enhancements, and fresh content. In this article, we will delve into the leaks and rumors surrounding CODM Season 12, giving you a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming season.

New Maps

One of the most anticipated aspects of any CODM season is the introduction of new maps. Season 12 is rumored to bring two new maps to the game – “Cruise” and “Harbor.” Cruise is set on a luxurious cruise ship, offering intense close-quarters combat, while Harbor takes players to a bustling port with multiple vantage points for strategic gameplay.

Weapon Updates

Season 12 is expected to introduce several weapon updates, including new guns and attachments. Leaks suggest the addition of the highly sought-after “Vector” submachine gun, known for its high rate of fire and deadly precision. Additionally, players can look forward to new weapon skins and customization options.

Battle Royale Enhancements

CODM’s Battle Royale mode is a fan favorite, and Season 12 aims to enhance the experience even further. Leaked information suggests the introduction of new vehicles, such as helicopters and jet skis, providing players with more mobility options. Furthermore, a new map expansion is rumored, offering fresh locations to explore and conquer.

New Operator Skills and Scorestreaks

Operators play a crucial role in CODM, and Season 12 is set to introduce new operator skills and scorestreaks. Leaks indicate the addition of an operator skill called “Gravity Vortex Gun,” which creates a powerful vortex to trap and eliminate enemies. Moreover, a new scorestreak known as “Stealth Chopper” is rumored, allowing players to navigate the skies undetected while raining down destruction.

Challenges and Rewards

CODM seasons are often accompanied by a range of challenges and rewards, and Season 12 will be no exception. Players can anticipate a variety of new challenges, from weapon-specific tasks to battle pass missions, offering generous rewards such as character skins, weapon blueprints, and in-game currency.

Ranked Mode Improvements

Ranked mode is where the most competitive CODM players thrive, and Season 12 is expected to bring improvements to this highly competitive arena. Leaks suggest a revamped ranking system, providing clearer progression and more balanced matchmaking. Additionally, new ranked rewards and exclusive cosmetics are rumored to be up for grabs.

Events and Limited-Time Modes

Season 12 is sure to bring a plethora of exciting events and limited-time modes to keep players engaged throughout its duration. From themed events like Halloween and Christmas to unique game modes like Gun Game and Capture the Flag, there will be plenty of opportunities to showcase your skills and earn exclusive rewards.

Optimization and Bug Fixes

Alongside the introduction of new content, Season 12 will also focus on optimization and bug fixes. Developers aim to enhance the overall gaming experience by addressing known issues, improving server stability, and optimizing performance across various devices.

Community Feedback Implementation

CODM developers have always been receptive to community feedback, and Season 12 will incorporate several requested features and improvements. These include customizable HUD options, additional controller support, and enhanced anti-cheat measures to ensure fair gameplay for all.


As CODM Season 12 approaches, the leaks and rumors surrounding its content and enhancements continue to generate excitement among players. With new maps, weapon updates, Battle Royale enhancements, operator skills, challenges, and much more, Season 12 promises to deliver an action-packed experience for both casual and competitive players alike. Stay tuned for the official release and jump into the thrilling world of CODM Season 12.